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Simple Guide to Google Analytics

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Google analytics

What is Google analytics?

When you spend your precious time and money on developing the perfect website or an App, you need a tool to track your progress. If you don’t have an easy and trustworthy method to track those results your effort and money will be wasted.

Google Analytics is a free service that is offered by Google. Google will collect data on your visitors. It gives you tools to analyze your user’s behavior. There are many easy-to-read reports and through these data, you can make decisions to improve your website or app. It will definitely help you to achieve your revenue targets.

You can set up your google analytics account from here. If you don’t know how to set up Google Analytics, don’t worry read our step-by-step guide.

Versions of Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics

Back in the early 2000s web developers didn’t have easy tools to analyze their web traffic. There were some companies that provided analytic tools. Urchin was one of those companies. Google acquired urchin in 2005 and it paved the way for Google Analytics.

  • Universal Analytics

Launched in 2014 with a more advanced graphical interface.

  • Google Analytics 4

The newest version of the analytics platform is equipped with more advanced AI prediction reports. Google is continuously rolling out new updates to GA4. So if you are only using universal analytics it is high time to start using Google Analytics 4. Because GA4 is the future of analytics.

Benefits of using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is loaded with data about your website and it’s free. Instead of paying a third party, you can track and take decisions based on those reports.

To tell you the truth there are many individuals who think using Google analytics is difficult. It has some truth. But if you are new to google analytics there are basic level reports you can refer to. It provides various options for different skill levels.

There are many businesses and individuals who use this platform. So if anyone wants to learn there are so many resources available freely on the internet. From youtube videos to blogs. Start searching and studying from the beginners level.

Based on these reports you can take the necessary decisions to reach your potential market.

You can see which products and services are used more. Which demographics are more interested in? Which advertising channels helped you to get more conversions. How long do users stay on your pages?

Google Analytics can be integrated with other Google platforms as well. Such as Google ads, Search console, etc… The best example is you can use google analytics remarketing lists for your Google ads campaigns.


So today we talked about the basics of google analytics. How and Why you can use it for your success.

Google Analytics is a free service that offers data,  reports, and insights of your website users. We can see the behavior of our online users. Based on these data you can take timely decisions to target customers.

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Comment and share your experience about tracking your online visitors using google analytics. Did you find it useful?