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Simple Guide To Influencer Marketing (4 Steps to Understand)

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How Inflencer marketing works

Yesterday I read a story on the Business insiders website. It was about a young influencer who managed to earn more than $5,000 per month last year through affiliate links alone.

When I read these kinds of stories it always makes me amazed. There are many content creators who managed to earn millions of dollars by becoming an influencer.

So let’s jump into the world of influencers and try to figure out how influencer marketing works?

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is an integrated social media marketing strategy that involves creating partnerships between a brand and top online influencers to create and curate the most valuable content in the form of advertisements. In return for creating content for the brand, the influencer receives payment.

Influencers that are on track to create a loyal following are ideal candidates for influencer marketing because they already have a large, engaged fan base that is likely to buy your product.

This kind of marketing strategy is perfect for products and services that people are looking to buy in the near future.

How do businesses use influencers?

Using influencers to promote business is one of the most effective ways to market your business. Especially you can target certain demographics of audiences easily.

Using influencer marketing can improve your brand awareness and credibility among your potential customers. For instance, Nike uses influencer marketing to promote their products by sponsoring the social media accounts of their most valuable ambassadors.

Instagram became the most popular and successful platform for influencers. Using influencer marketing on Instagram to gain followers and boost brand awareness is one of the most effective ways of using influencer marketing. You can choose the social media platforms that your audience is in.

But there is always a bad side to influencer marketing. If you don’t select your influencer marketing strategy well, it can harm your brand badly. The best example is the latest controversy over TikTok.  They paid influencers to promote certain videos on TikTok, without letting their audience know. Which is called Stealth Marketing.

The types of Influencers

Typically, influencers have a following of 2 million to 10 million people. The main factors for determining what type of influencer marketing is best for your brand depend on your business goals. For example, some influencers will be more successful than others.

But there are many influencers with fewer followers, and they are targeting niche audiences. Depending on your target audience, you need to select these influencers wisely.

We can categorize influencers based on their followers.

  1. Mega influencers (Million followers and more)
  2. Macro-influencers (Followers 500K to 1 million).
  3. Mid-tier influencers (Follower 50K to 500K).
  4. Micro-influencers (Followers 10K to 50K followers).
  5. Nano-influencers (Followers 1K to 10K followers).

Depending on your business objectives, a mid-tier or Nano influencer might be more successful than a mega influencer.

How to select influencers to promote your business?

Influencer marketing

To find influencers, you can search for them on social media sites, such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Once you find a target influencer that you feel would represent your brand, then you can connect with them to see if they’d be interested in doing an ad campaign for your brand.

The benefit of partnering with a celebrity is that they have millions of followers on social media sites. Having this large following is a huge asset because you can do an ad campaign to reach your target audience.


Based on the above findings, one thing is certain: Influencer marketing is here to stay. With its rise in popularity, brands and marketers are increasingly turning to the power of influencers to grow their brand recognition. Although there is no proven ROI yet, the combination of effective influencer marketing and influencer personalities creates a new kind of relationship that is on the rise.

If you are new to digital marketing, don’t stop here. Read our digital marketing blog.

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